The NATURAL posture of a human being!

When we put to SEARH GOOGLE the word “POSTURE” – we get a lot of pictures about good and bad postures!
It is not about playing on a musical instrument, where the posture is really important. Ergonomic posture is necessary to follow also in everydays life. And of course when we teach a child, we need to correct the posture behind the instrument ALL THE TIME, CONSTANTLY!

I repeat often, playing the instrument should not “disable your posture” – it is crucial to look after it by yourself alos, not only a teacher.
So different saxophone straps are need to be used on different ages, on a different body type and it is fantastic, that we have a lot of choice! I should post the videos about them. I promise i will load them soon on Youtube Channel.

What about your surrounding crew?
We as TOP musicians are often compared to sportsmen/women, because music teacher/coach is 5 in one! what do I mean? When I coach and make individual lessons, I have found myself quite often in a position of being psychologue (where is your focus, how strong is your self esteem, how you develop your mindset skills), making training program (instrumental as well keeping up sports activity) per day to per hour or even longer period, choosing different level of tasks/repertory, analysing the results of my program, making adjustments on instrumental develop or psychological development and stretching out the stressful muscles, what do you eat to keep fit. This is different about top sportsmen, they have team around them, everyone has their role: mindset is TOO important (psychologue or other?)-without mental toughness all is lost quite soon (sorry, but this is absolutely true), masseur for stretching, coach makes the program and controls how everything goes. They are always under professional supervision and it is very detailed! Coaches are very well educated on bodies ergonomical movements and they are so competent to teach it!

But in music teacher’s life – we do ALL OF THAT! Haven’t you thought about it?
Finally coming back to posture, which is only one parameter of many many things to follow on your pupils or students, in order to be able to form/grow top musician from little child or a young person that comes to study. In instrumental playing we work mentally and physically at the same time, there is a lot of pressure when we go on stage AND on that period where we prepare for that performance. We FEEL more that we can explain! The experience gives me a lot of data to recognise when something is hindering development! That is why there are already doctors specialised for musicians and their problems!

The posture affects positively or negatively, will you be the virtuose on your instrument or not?????!!!! There are teachers who say, you have not worked enough hours to be able to become virtuose. But I can share other, in my experience and I do encourage you to think and pay attention to your posture, then your hands become more relaxed and your tehcnic skills are improveing really fast!

The pupil is your camrade (to teacher), a friend, the relationship is horizontal and cooperation through music is established of course through music, there are no vertical relationship, at least NOT GOOD ONES, I don’t buy it. Take a time to go and visite physiotherapist and look together some typical posture problems while you are playing YOUR instrument. Ergonomic means – change the environment (the position of instrument), do not change the body!!!! Body stands straight and free, do not fit it!

1. Overload muscles – problem of soft tissues, muscles give information to nerves, bad blood circulation, skin overload (the jaw on violin players!) and so on.
2. Overcrowding – after practicing you are too tired, or in pain. This is first thing to notice, that you need water or to do stretching in order to avoid overcrowding.
3. Misuse of posture – Injuries and the consequences, that we are dealing after years and years of playing and with the result of misusing the posture.

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