Every day we breathe, every night we breathe, through the whole life everybody breathe! So what is it all about when we start to play wind instrument? What’s all about it?

Sometimes even me as a teacher we need to invent new and fresh exercises, spots etc using a lot of imagination to get the result necessary. Necessary result is to sound perfectly free, no frustration in your body and in your sound but yet being trained behind all that! The audience should not notice what are are doing in the “Kitchen side”!

I have found that I come back again and again to one person: Kristian Steenstrup, who fortunately has published few books about his knowledge of breathing.

He was the one who MOST INFLUENCED me in his masterclass at Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, back now for 20 years!!!! He himself is a trumpet player and I am woodwind, a saxophone player and teacher now! His masterclass was simple, breathing exercises and being aware of your body in function of making musical phrases through respirations. BRILLIANT!

I feel that it is important to share and HIS story behind it you can discover in his written books, how he had arrived to all of this, that he is sharing now allover the world through masterclasses! Here you can find his two books:

BOOK: Teaching brass by Kristian Steenstrup

BOOK: Blow your mind by Kristian Steenstrup

I do share one of my breathing VIDEO here, just have a look of some exercises I use in my work.

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