Classe de saxophone

With this video I show my work, just a tiny little peak to what I am doing as a teacher. Or the result of everyday’s work in the classrooms!

It is important in teachers lives when we take some time off and trying to reflect what we have done so far…….. Thinking how to continue, what needs to be rethinking, what else can life offer and what better value you can create through your work?

Taking a step behind in my mind and searching for those who have continued a musician’s life, it is a pleasure now more than ever to continue to follow what your pupils continue do. And just to have a flashback of kindest thoughts of them.

When they play classical saxophone’s “Golden Repertory” HITS like Glazounov’s “Concerto”, even THEN when their maturity is not there yet, I do like, when they take the challenge to sound MORE MATURE than are their actual age and level of playing. This is important perspective path to show, that they must be aware of that. Challenges in your life needs to be taken and used of course in a good way and to create a better purpose. There is a greatness in you!

Of course when we gather together in Summer Academies for saxophones and woodwinds, WATCH VIDEO HERE, then the picture changes, but all the problems in tunings and uniting different levels pf players, it is important to play by yourself and playing Alain Crepin “Nuits blanches”, which is a great piece in different versions for windorchestras, saxophone ensembles or even with strings. Importance is to INSPIRE through music pieces and with your playing to show the greatness inside of you that starts to become ALIVE through music!


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