Fear-based teaching

I have a classical piano lessons study backround. When you enter to the school system, you enter into the (pre)programmed world. Fear pushes us to fulfill the programms! For teaching side it is a disaster when we talk about mastering musical and instrumental skills and HOW to achieve it through programmed systems. As a student you suffer: big pressure by programs and demotivation to continue. Very common problems for teachers and students in music field!

You know as a student that something is wrong and teacher may emphasis on the wrong things and be also in the dark! Frustrated teacher do confront one main problem: self-loathing and unfortunately it keeps growing over time. Also quite often teacher may fear students musical gifts and here teacher confronts EGO problems. Talented students find a way out – they change and find another teacher, OTHERS not! What happens in real life that many amongst OTHERS become teachers themselves!!!Their life continues in denial process, they continue to suffer all the same frustrations and they subconciously counseling and transmitting what they could not surpass in their student period.

So here we have two common existing dilemmas: students frustration and that of teachers. We need to help both of them!

First, it would be necessary to understand both sides and how they have arrived into this point? Teachers who need to change are in the same situation as their students. Better is, if it becomes a mutual journey, willingness to figure it out TOGETHER.

MUSIC IS ART OF THE SOUND, I believe, it is also the ART OF LISTENING. In school systems we learn quickly to compare eachothers abilities and programms require that we need to be THE SAME (in understandings, in different skills, etc) or at least at the same level with our surroundings! Sometimes hearing a wonderful and virtuos soloist can inspire us, it can and should reinforce our commitment on a choosed instrument. BUT quite common is a lack of visiting concerts and staying in OUR confort zone (EGO) to avoid awareness of great players, the envy and denial thinking is eating inside.

I like one story about two wolves. They are inside of us, GOOD WOLF and BAD WOLF. Good one says: you are beautiful, you can do it; you are at your best abilities; you have a lot of joy in your life; you live a full and valuable life; you contribute positively everywhere. Bad wolf says inside of you: you are not so beautiful; I told you cannot make it; I told you your abilities are still weak and not yet good; your life is miserable on every level, go today and have more rest, do not practice or go to some concert; tomorrow might be a good day for you but you never know!; the way you play your instrument does not give any pleasure to anyone ….etc, etc. SO HERE IS A QUESTION? WHICH WOLF YOU ARE FEEDING?

Yes, it is a constant work within ourselves, every day, every new piece, every new person you meet, every new challenge has fear inside. I tell myself and my students to take it as normality. Feeding sometimes in a difficult process the bad wolf is ok, BUT as soon as you notice it, change it RIGHT AWAY – that’s the tricky every day process!

When you listen yourself or somebody else, listen it with a feeling of love. Especially yourself, fear-based listening (feeding the bad wolf) or love-based listening (feeding the good wolf inside of you)! You can notice your body, when it is tense and twisted and breathing is in a upper part of lungs – you are experiencing fear-based listening. When you release (let go) the EGO, you do experience the joy in listening (and also in playing). You should listen the same way you play, listen, practice and teach: with love! WHY? You feel absorbed by the music, your playing has changed through a
process of gradual or unconscious assimilation of ideas, it nourishes you without you are even knowing it! So I do recommend do go to concerts even if you do not have a passion for certain styles of music. “Inhale” a lot of concerts and it will “channeling” through you, expand your limits like this image of sunset.

Couche de soleil

To be continued….

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