I am a saxophone teacher and contemporary chamber music teacher in College of Eller Music School Teacher . I have been a teacher since the year 1998, I have pupils from the beginning to the high level of instrumental skills as well as amateur skills saxophone players WHO LOVE SAXOPHONE. I am estonian, I do speak fluently english and french and little bit russian. You are welcome to connect with me!

I would like to share the materials that I have used with differents students, because it does change in a time and I am always open to share new things and ideas, all this is to make us richer in experience of allaround Continent.

How to find good mouthpieces, reeds, straps for beginners and on advanced level. How to start on saxophone, tutorial videos, masterclasses, tricks and effects on saxophone soprano, alto, tenor, bariton and basse. These are all thing I would like to share and I do hope that You ALL THERE share with me your eperiences.

Thank You! Ursula

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