We often see in the shops various materials for cleaning woodwind instruments. But the trueth is, that all these instruments are very very different and what is suitable for flute, DO NOT suit for saxophone unfortunately. We can find swabs that are meant to be in multipurpose.
I have given some tips on this video, how to clean and what I have been using last 20+ years.

The right care taking of your saxophone hygiene is better for your health and for maintaining your saxophone in a good manner, to last it longer, to serve you and audience really well.
I point out some important things: wash your mouthpiece after every other playing if you don’ t want to do it every time. Also after that desinfect with the sterisol liquid specially made for mouthpieces. Keeps your immunitary system under the control!

Materials: brushes are not useful, because it doesn ‘t dry out the condence of salive that remains inside after we finish playing saxophone! I recommend only Yamaha cleaning swab and also Vandoren, Selmer, Buffet swabs. Yamaha swabs are easy to find in any shops, others harder to find. Why do I recommend this? Because first we need to dry out well inside of the saxophone and the tissue/material should not leave fibers inside of the saxophone body!!!!!!!

Maintenance of saxophone includes this: every year you change the oil (flasks, screws etc), Reparation “master” will wash ALL, that has left from salive and of course regulation of pads and cocks. After that your saxophone is fantastic to play, no noise around your playing. It is a real pleasure, like after the SPA care!

Hope you found it useful, please feel free to comment your experiences, i would be happy to know about.

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