Why I choosed jazzlab saxholder?

First – the curiosity, because when you are teacher for some time (me 17 years), you need to have to be aware of ALL the neckstrap or harness materials available on the market.

I have faced myself neck problem, I’ve been playing with normal neck strap, that comes with a new saxophone. And it is so wrong to play with it , column vertebral is suffering so much and unfortunately it takes years to understand that the damage is done invisible way. Can you fix it? NO, no and no. Bones, nerves, discs of column vertebral are damaged forever. You can recover, but it is gonna cost you! And yet it is so easy to AVOID THAT PROBLEM in the future!

neck strapThe saxophonist Chris Condon just shared on Facebook his “bad surprise”, that he has been playing 20+ years with the neck strap and wakes up one day (now we are july 2018, so he posted on june 2018!!!) and he could not feel the fingers of one hand, neither hold up things! We should not damage the health because of saxophone! We can prevent it!

Can you imagine happen that with you! It is a huge issue for saxophone players.
And what doctors figured out, its because he uses neck strap, that blocks blood circulation between the back and neck and hands and all nerves system!!!!!

First I started to play with  BG harness for KIDS ( see photo below) and I DO RECOMMEND IT for little children, to obtain a perfect POSTURE –  it is the best to start with. It takes away the weight from the neck. When your child is thiner shoulders, then BG Harness has also shoulder pads, BG Harness Super Comfort Men (see photo below) and BG Harness Super Comfort for Ladies
jazzlab saxholder, BG harness

So now imagine what can happend to little children or older ones, when you recommend the neck strap? If you recommend – you are responsable!

The last 15 years I have played with all sorts of harness, Freeneck is good for baryton sax, Neotech Harness is good for tenor and lower saxes, Zappatini harness for alto and soprano saxes – which is not bad also…everything else, that is available, I have tried a lot of them. And Jazzlab Saxholder has won all of them!

I have noticed although that men who have big body, then this Jazzlab Saxholder almost touches their jaw, especially when you have a high chest. It won’ t suit you.
And children who have thin body, I noticed, that they feel uncomfortable on shoulder area.
When I started to use it, I felt that it is needing to aplly/support on 2 points on your boy: shoulder pads and belly are those who take away the saxophone weight. It is important to bend upper parts that will touch the shoulder pads quite curved way. Of course by your barehands force!

I have made also a video about it, you can watch here in english or in French here

Where can you get the Jazzlab Saxholder size women/children? Clickhere!

where can I get the jazzlab Saxholder XL SIZE for MEN? CLICK HERE!


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