Different Ligatures

Classical style of saxophone ligatures:
BG Ligature, Silverstone Ligature, JLV Ligature, Selmer Standard Ligature, Vandoren Optimum Ligature, François Louis Ultimate Ligature, Eddie Daniels Rovner Ligature
Jazz Style of saxophone:Pure Brass Ligature of François Louis, Vandoren Optimum, Eddie Daniels Versa Ligature, Selmer Brass Ligatures, Rhino Ligatures EVO HD, Rico Ligatures.

Sometimes we need some changes: to make improvement in your playing just by taking a little time to try out some DIFFERENT EQUIPMENT such as reeds, ligature and mouthpieces!

How to figure pit which one is BEST for you?
Tuning is correct! Playing on different registers come easily in any dynamics! And you like the sound playing loudly and softly! Basicly we are looking for colours!

You have to control the mixture: mouthpiece-reed-ligature , when you have all these named components I told above, then it is Best for you!

Always helps and I do recommend highly recording or take the teacher with you or a good saxophone friend to have an opinion from outside! Because our inside EAR is hearing things DIFFERENTLY!

Bon courage!

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