The idea of talking on this subject has a good point on existential point of view. Do we need music teachers or mentors and are they needed? Would be Google enough good place for a knowledge? Different applications should help us providing this and that: metronomes, tuners, iReal for jazzplayers, piano in one octave etc.

Other thing is that young people are/shall not choosing/choose to be a music teachers:
1. Probably one main reason is responsability of the children/adults you are guiding. You grow together form year to year and you become ONE in a moment or another.
2. Probably young teachers feel the difficulties to explain and how they achieved actual instrumental level they are on that moment and feeling incapable to explain and analyse how they arrived here- is a crucial point on teaching process.
3. Not as highly paid, when we talk about different schools and countries. The salary mentality is more and more project based. Contracts might be short term and music teacher situation finds itself: having 4 different jobs in 4 little towns around – in little children music schools. Other thing is to teach in Music College or in a Facutly of music – but those kind of jobs are well taken.
4. The music education needs a long path: developing instrumental skills to a professional level is often 15 years minimum, developing personality, developing temper, to achieve to play freely under the pressure situations (on the stage) – this is called: performing art (not quite the same on painting art-form!), developing emotional balance on yourself and transmitting it through your instrument – interpretation, developing to differentiate all the heritage of music – centuries of traditions and culture – through that magical music we are trying to make live again and again all these momments! This ia a LONG study process – and to transmit all – takes a courage and a lot of responsability!

So, I can share, why did I choose to be a music teacher?

First, I concentrated to be a soloist. i just love to play instrument, in my case the saxophones! Although i finished children music school on piano and I do play occasionally piano, but not in a professional level. But as it is in a life, the possibilities to play in a group of jazz/popo/classic whatever, are not usually longlasting. They keep changing or people don’t get much around any more, people travel etc.
Being on the stage I started to have admireres, you know those eyes that look on you and say “I would like to play like you” or “I like to learn quickly Henri Mancini piece “Panther Rose”….. or Poirot’s film theme – whatever the reason is, the soloist they have heard has INSPIRED! This I noticed and I kept in my mind. Never stop playing, even when you lack of a time!!!! Unfortuantely many many teachers do not actively play their instrument in a good level, even after graduating school.

One main reason I choosed to be a music teacher – IS – my passion is music and all the heritage that comes with all that wonderful field!
Can we live without music? Everywhere I go, I hear people listen to music. And thank you for you guys, we share the love about music. This is principle value for all of our lives!

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