I have been thinking, why we are at first place against to go to Summer Camps or in music world in Summer Academies. Maybe the word camping or something else is somehow misused?
But the world goes more and more looking the screens and still the ACTUAL WORLD REMAINS OUTSIDE OF THE SCREENS. In Summer Academies we are all communicating through music and our souls are singing and those who are sitting in audience are sharing with us these intimate moments, like Paul McCartney song “Yesterday” in orchestral version and saxophone solo starts 2:15, for those who are interested to listen to!
Playing in wind orchestra or string orchestra is completely different experience, all those colours your ear is able to discover and distinguish, this is FEELING, nobody can explain intellectually what you feel, because it is the chemistry and it is wonderful to experience. So go for it!


The pieces you can play? For example Mozart, and his 25th symphony 1st part is like rockmusic frm 18th century!!! Listen and watch here!

Amazing Grace by Saxophone Ensemble, watch here!

Live and Let Die of L. and P. mcCartney, watch here!

And all kinds of little ensembles, like quartet, sextet “Amazing Grace“…..it s all about hierarchie in the music, solo versus chorus, tuning and the balance in the chords – in those tiny details are hidden necessary things to be able to perform big saxophone choir for exemple Alain Crepin “Nuits blanches/ White nights“. I do promote this wonderful piece, that exist also alto/tenorsax and piano version.

And hey…. video: Let’s twist again like we did last summer! See you beside the sea, like we performed on that video!

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